Revamp your operations & bookkeeping

Partnership Program

Fractional CEO

Fully integrate CRM system

Includes: automations, documents, estimates, forms, reports, data entry, and more.

Detailed one-on-one training and consulting

Includes: Routine training on CRM system and consulting on business best practices.

Monthly metrics review

Includes: Meeting once per month to review key performance indicators and game plan for scalability and growth.

Fractional CFO

Accounting and Bookkeeping audit

Includes: Small clean up of books and organization into accounting system


Includes: Customized accounting procedure or rebuild of current structure.


Includes: AP/AR, Payroll, financial statements

Take a look at one of our partners

Much of the headache of owning and running your own business is the operations and bookkeeping. Especially when it comes to lawn care companies, it's easy to get stuck at a certain size and feel constantly busy.

Setup & Operations

One of our partners hired us after he bought his
company for $100k. We went in and set up
operations and automated much of his company.

Phenominal Profits

Our partner was making phenominal profits and
was able to continue working at another part-time
job while the company ran itself.

Sold Company for $310k

Ten months after our partner bought his company,
he sold it for $310k. The biggest selling point? That
he had clean books and his operations were clear
and easy.


What does this cost?

We don't make money unless YOU make money.We have a variety of ways to structure our contract,
but we are big believers in only getting paid if you are getting paid. We make sure this is a win-win relationship and that you aren't breaking the bank to bring us on. Contact us for more details and we would love to get you a more specific quote.

The Value
You now have a scalable and less stressful
company that you run
You have an on-call consultant and bookkeeper
You make more money!
Your books and accounting are clean and
constantly updated
Your company is now extremely sellable
& more!
Free 30-minute consultation